Preparation courses for Cambridge exams...

with 2 tutors for each student, in the classroom and on-line.

Why choose SterLing?

The SterLing offer is excellent and includes:

    • 2 tutors per student: tutors in class and on-line
    • Native speaker teachers
    • 100 teaching hours in 27 lessons
    • All courses have grammar introduction course
    • Flexibility – change class if you wish
    • Refund if you fail exams after recommendation and preparation
    • Payment by 8 instalments, if you want
    • SterLing gives exceptional value for money and achieves excellent pass rates
    • It is the best price per hour in Ljubljana.


Course prices


Cambridge offers three (3) main qualifications:

100 teaching hours = 27 lessons.

Classrooms in Ljubljana centre or we come to you (companies)
100% refund of exam fee if fail exams after recommendation
You have 2 tutors: classroom teacher + personal on-line writing and grammar tutor

SterLing English courses - what, when, where, how

SterLing prepare for Cambridge University certificates with 2 tutors. Students only do exams if they wish.

We adjust course dates and days to individuals, when possible. Exams in March, June, and December.

Why do Cambridge courses?

They are simply the best. Millions, worldwide, take Cambridge qualifications which have world-wide status. International companies require Cambridge English qualifications. Course prices.

Do our free English test. Do our extra writing and reading test. For more information contact us!

You cannot afford to wait - your career and language ability are too important.

Preparation for IELTS & TOEFL exams

SterLing also organises preparation courses for IELTS & TOEFL exams. You can join our Preparation course for Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE and CPE)  or you can decide for individual preparations, which take place at time which most suits you. Price for individual preparations is 32 EUR for 60 minutes.